F1B Golden-doodle Puppies

"I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.” ~ Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

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Lady Freya- mother

Lady Freya- mother

Grady- father

Grady- father

Haven Hills Lady Freya (Freya) is the Hundred Acre Woods Litter's mother. She is an AKC black standard poodle weighing about 45lbs. Freya has passed her OFA hips exams along with other breeding soundness exams to ensure that she will pass on her healthy genes to her puppies without fear of health issues for them later on in life. To read more about Freya please check out her bio here.

Because Freya is so active and engaged and so is Grady, we believe that these puppies will be wonderful companions for a wide variety of people. However, don’t let Dad’s mellowness fool you- these will be puppies that love to be out doing things and we don’t recommend a puppy from our litters if they will be spending lots time home alone (more than 5-6 hours 5 days a week).

Grady is the Hundred Acre Woods Litter’s father. He is a big, beautiful athletic and kid loving silver  Goldendoodle (half standard poodle, half golden retriever). Grady is sweet natured and more laid back than Freya. However, he loves to be active and go on adventures. Or kick back and relax with his kiddo.

All of Grady’s siblings are either therapy or working service dogs. This and Grady’s sweet nature combined with Freya’s intelligence, tolerate nature and work ethic we believe that the puppies will be sweet natured, tolerant, intelligent and active. They won’t be couch potatoes, but the golden will mellow them out from Freya’s constant on the go working mentality.

Grady has also passed his OFA and genetic testing. Grady is unusual in that from his retriever line (on his father’s side) that there is no cancer in his genetic lines! This is incredibly unusual for Golden Retrievers. 

The Hundred Acre Woods litter will be ready to go home around the start of December 2018. They should mature between 50-60 lbs. Keep checking back for bios and photo updates as we begin to see their personalities emerge. Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will be posting updates more frequently.

For more information about this litter or our next litter please contact us.