Body N Soul is unique in that it couples boarding, lessons, and training of horses with the philosophy that horses are wonderful teachers of life lessons. Our interactions with them enable us to explore ourselves and reflect our relationships not only with the horse but also with other humans in our lives.

This is heart and meaning of what we call Integrative Equestrian Services.

Our teaching method incorporates an integrative approach by focusing not only on one specific type of discipline, but by incorporating different modalities such as dressage, jumping, trail riding, and natural horsemanship. This helps riders become more adaptable by giving them a wide set of skills to use.

We believe in, and enjoy, teaching theory and technique for horsemanship, but also emphasize establishing positive relationships and boundaries with horses in a one on one setting (horse/rider) or with the herd. This is imperative in order to allow people to feel safe and comfortable around them on the ground, as well as in the saddle, with or without an instructor or facilitator present.

The goal of Body N Soul is for students take the skills they have learned at the barn back to the “real” world and therefore have more confidence in everyday settings.