Body N Soul seeks to provide holistic equine instruction, training, boarding, and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy; supporting the client's physical, emotional, and psychological growth in a safe environment founded upon the partnership between horse and human.

Our History

Body N Soul began as a dream to establish an equine facility where both horses and their people are treated as equals on their own journeys. This was the result of childhood experiences of three sisters from a small rural town in Northern Virginia.

Early on in our lives, we recognized that horses were magical. As children, we experienced first hand the healing properties that interacting with horses inspired. The experiences of riding, training, and working with our own horses taught us responsibility, self- confidence, safety, patience, authenticity, partnership, and boundaries to name but a few acquired attributes. As we matured, we began to realize that these experiences were unique to our way of training and working with horses.

It was from this place that Body N Soul was born. We started our business to allow others to have similar experiences with horses that we believed to be beneficial from our own childhood.

Brittany Foust founded Body N Soul LLC in the spring of 2014. Within the first year, the business grew exponentially from a four to a twenty-horse facility. This expansion then turned the business into a family affair, with both Elana and Anneliese joining the company in the Summer of 2015. Each contributes her unique skills, education, and expertise to the company, thereby allowing the business to expand by increasing the quantity of lessons, programs, and horses in training on the property. We have grown to incorporate Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy as part of our offerings as we have continued to educate ourselves about the holistic benefits that horses can have upon our lives.

Because of our belief of horses as equal partners and teachers, Body N Soul LLC offers an integrative approach to equestrian services. At Body N Soul we supply equine training, lessons, and therapy using an integrative approach that focuses on building healthy relationships and partnerships between individuals and horses. Using traditional and non-traditional methods of training, we work on establishing relationships between horse and human, as well as working on developing mindfulness through experiential learning.