Our five-day summer riding intensives provide a rich outdoor experience for children and teens ages.

Our goal is not only to have students experience the joy and freedom of riding which can be very empowering, but also to explore relationship dynamics between horse and rider, and to instill a sense of responsibility for their care. Also, there is the inevitable frustration that will arise with learning new skills with animals that do indeed need to be partnered with and not controlled. In our experience, all of this translates to a week of tremendous growth and excitement.

In the mornings students will have the opportunity to ride and to learn about horses and horsemanship through hands on learning experiences. Activities include grooming, tacking up, the daily care of horses and barn management. In the afternoons, there will be a special horse related activity, such as trail rides, bareback riding, games on horseback, bathing a horse, etc. (Ages 6-12)

Summer 2019 Dates:

June 17th-21st
July 8th-12th
July 22nd- 26th

We’re even having an advanced riders week this summer specifically geared towards those who are wanting to learn the next step of our program which is all about more advanced horsemanship, horse management, and eventing! 
June 24th-28th