Haven Hills Lady Freya

aka Freya:  AKC  black standard poodle | 45 pounds

Freya is a perfect blend of intelligent and self-sufficient and yet incredibly people oriented. Her athleticism knows no bounds and she loves to be active and go on adventures. Her good nature along with her classic poodle confirmation and incredible tolerance for new situations and people garner her a lot of attention when she’s out in public.

Freya is a blend of classic working dog lines and champion show dog lines, giving her the best of both worlds.  Houston (International Champion Coplar Creek’s Fuego del Sol) , her father (a beautiful red standard poodle owned by our vet, Dr. Richard Wheeler, board certified specialist and professor of reproduction up at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital) is from a hunting/ working line of standard poodles, and was also gorgeous enough to have achieved a puppy championship from an international show. From him we get the total package: a solid work ethic and aptitude, with correct confirmation and grace and a wonderful, tolerant personality.

Freya was raised as a farm dog around horses, chickens, goats, cats, other dogs, and children. LOTS of children. Children are Freya’s absolute favorite thing and she is incredibly tolerant of them (and adoring) as they walk her, cuddle her, jump her over jumps (the best thing she thinks), pull her ears, grab her tail. I’ve even seen her lay down for a 11-month-old to climb all over her. This is a dog who goes out of her way to engage and interact with children of all ages.

Because of this she is also a phenomenal therapy assistant. Her incredibly intuitive nature knows when to snuggle someone and when they need emotional support. Because she highly intelligent she also can make her own choices about things in life!

Since Freya’s mom is brown and her dad is red, Freya’s puppies have the option of being all sorts of different colors. As we have seen in this Hogwarts Litter with Grady (a silver golden doodle stud) we have a full rainbow: goldens, creme, red, and black!

Freya has passed her OFA hips exams along with other breeding soundness exams to ensure that she will pass on her healthy genes to her puppies without fear of health issues for them later on in life.  We also ensure that every stud dog that we breed to has also passed these genetic testing to be able to ensure that our puppies have the best chance at a healthy successful life.