When we found Brittany, our child had recently suffered a severe concussion having taking a bad fall from a horse, landing on the base of their neck. All of their early life traumas were activated as a consequence of the injury.

Thanks to Brittany, they overcame tremendous fear after the fall and now fully enjoy riding again.  They call Body N Soul their ‘happy place’. But most of all, a child who has suffered severe trauma from day one on this Earth is finding the confidence, learning resiliency, stress management skills, and growing stronger emotionally with each lesson through Body N Soul. 

My husband and I see lesson time with Brittany and Ellie as bio-feedback, stress management, and trauma therapy all in one!  We have tried many other interventions including EMDR and Somatic Experiencing and have found the support we need at Body N Soul. It’s the best training a teenager can have to prepare for life with emotional intelligence, confidence, and life skills!

– A Mother of a Student

I have been boarding my horses with Body N Soul  for nearly two years. The barn manager, Brittany Foust, along with her two sisters, Ellie and Liese have been simply wonderful. My horses have received fantastic care with great attention to their needs and customized to my wishes.

I have boarded my horses at many barns, over many years, and Body N Soul is amongst the best in the area. The Fousts are conscientious and their love and understanding of horses is exceptional. They are extremely hard working and that ethic shows in everything they do.

– Jody K.

The ladies at Body N Soul are fantastic, dedicated, and professional. I never worry about my horses, because I know that Britt and her sisters care for my horses like their own. In an area where it is standard for horses to be kept on dry lots with little mental stimulation, my horses are provided with space to move, graze, and interact with other horses- the healthiest way for them to live in my opinion! My yearling filly is growing into a solid citizen who has been exposed to a variety of experiences and people, I couldn’t ask for more in a boarding facility.

I’ve also taken advantage of the wonderful lesson program, which is personalized to each horse and rider. I love that lessons go above and beyond the simple mechanics of riding and into building a stronger relationship with your horse in and out of the arena. I’ve developed as a rider and a horse person thanks to the excellent instruction that finds a perfect balance between encouraging and pushing me to expand my riding horizons, and I am extremely grateful.

–Megan B.

I will be simple because it is simple. At the age of 60, with the help of Body N Soul, I regained a lost part of my heart and soul. I discovered the love of a horse; with gentle guidance, came insights, a new trust and a new focus. Then, as my mother lay dying in my arms, a month after my new found love, I could tell her with ease and comfort, the same words that I had been told over and over: “just look where you are going”.  I could say, “Just look mom, trust and God will take you there”. The next day, I went to the stables, grieving, to walk and talk with my wise and witty counselor, my horse…yes… forward… looking and trusting where I am going. Thank you, Body N Soul.

–Jane L.

When I was looking for a spot to board and train my horse I wanted a place that was relaxed, but also conscientious about the care of the horses. Through their experience, sense of humor, and dedicated effort, Brittany, Ellie, and Liese have created a wonderful farm! I know that my horse will be allowed to be a horse - to spend time moving, rolling, grazing, and playing with well-matched pasture-mates in a large space. Importantly, I also know that he has been carefully checked over, fed, and loved on at the beginning and end of every day. I never worry.

Lessons with Body N Soul are an excellent (and fun!) learning experience. Both Brittany and Ellie have a way of focusing on one or two key ideas to improve our performance without overwhelming our ability. The exercises they set up have allowed my horse and I to gain strength and improve our communication while remaining balanced and positive. My horse has thrived on both the level of care and instruction provided by Body N Soul.

–Molly C.

I have boarded horses in Boulder County for 20 years and I am so impressed with the care given at Haven Hills. My horse came through the winter at the perfect weight and with a great attitude!   Each horse is treated as an individual with different needs and personalities. I trust the care enough to travel for extended periods of time without worry.

Lessons by Britt and Ellie are precise but empathetic. My horse is young and I am not, but Ellie has been teaching us in the fundamentals of jumping while emphasizing the importance of balance, softness and correctness. These fundamentals in her teaching have made the process enjoyable and successful I highly recommend Haven Hills, home of Body N Soul.

–Beth B.

Upon recommendation from a friend, I started riding at Body N Soul in the fall of 2015. I wasn’t sure what to expect from myself, as a rider, or from the facility/trainers due to being out of the horse world for the past four years.  As spring approaches, I am honored to be riding at such a unique establishment under the guise of three highly qualified equestrians. The sister owners, Brittany, Ellie, and Liese, provide a comprehensive approach to horse training, lessons, and barn management. Each drawing from their individual strengths and in depth knowledge to provide clients with a positive experience. 

My specific training with Brittany over the past six months, has been transformative. Her unyielding patience, comprehensible delivery of instruction, constructive feedback, and encouragement have been advantageous. For the first time, I am able to understand and embody the symbiotic relationship between horse and rider. The visible changes in my ability and confidence as a rider are a direct result of Brittany’s expertise and commitment to her students.

–Leigh M.