At Body N Soul, we combine boarding, teaching and training of horses with the philosophy that horses are wonderful teachers.

Our boarding facility at Haven Hills includes access to full care including: turn in/turn out, feeding of grain and supplements, blanketing (if provided), worming, taking care of fly masks (if provided), holding for the farrier and vet, scheduling fall/spring routine vaccinations.

Basic grain is provided:

  • Equine Sr.
  • Strategy GX feed
  • Bran Mash (1 time a week in winter to help encourage good digestion)
  • Specialty grain will be fed if provided by owner
  • Supplements (such as Smart Paks) will be fed also if provided by owner

Hay is provided. If your equine partner needs more hay than is provided daily, there will be an increased cost in board. We will feed this supplemental hay.
(* We reserve the right to add a surcharge for hay if hay prices continue to increase*)

There are 3 pastures, each approximately 2-3 acres with sheds, available for turn out on grass. These fields can hold a small herd of compatible horses up to 3 or 4 horses. Horses are herd animals and live the best within a group that they feel safe in. Stalls are also available, with daily turn out for grazing.

Other amenities include:
    •    A tack room
    •    A heated bathroom for client usage
    •    A hot/cold wash rack for horses
    •    A beautiful arena, and
    •    Access to riding trails, which are also available on the property

Please contact us with any questions. Spaces are limited due to the nature of our facility.

Engaging Our Horses

Here at our Haven, we want our horses to be ridden or engaged with so that they can be as healthy as possible. Horses, similar to people, like and need to have a purpose. We would love to have your equine partner participate (as appropriate, with your approval and in accordance with veterinary recommendations) in lessons, groundwork, horse management training, or in other possible group settings (such as teen girl empowerment groups, grief groups etc.).

Equestrian Training

With Body N Soul, LLC there is also access to training, schooling and lessons for you and your equine partner. Body N Soul, LLC incorporates an integrative approach by focusing not only on one specific type of discipline, but incorporates different modalities such as dressage, jumping, trail riding and natural horsemanship. This helps riders become more adaptable by giving them a wide set of skills to use.